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Twelve year-old Betty Delehanty at the 1940 Minnesota State Fair, accompanied by her Uncle Ed, who paid the two bits for the photo, bless his heart.  Ma smiled like this her whole life.


Mom, age 18, just before she stood up & decked the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Mom would've turned 81 this past June -- Happy Birthday Mom!  May your Soul Rest in Peace.



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   To all the folks who've so generously shared their time & expertise & knowledge over the past three-plus years — especially Margaret B, Peter P, Patty P, Mary N, Carol T M, Catherine H, Ruthanne F, Rich W, Warren K, Dave G, Jerry K, Jane B, Terry, Jan, Jeane & Bill EagleEye D — and to all the skilled & capable stewards of the various cemeteries, repositories, libraries, museums, public offices, and other places we've petitioned & inquired & snooped around -- our sincerest THANK YOU!






Betty.  Genevieve.  Jennie.  Nellie.  Bridget.  Rare Book Collection, University of Florida Library,




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  •  Solutions to the mysteries of Ekan Blow, Edward Thibodeau, and Louis Bleau!

   Welcome to Mike & Tom's family history site, where we spin out the true-life stories of the colorful cast of characters populating the Delehanty-Sullivan-Kinsman-Schroeder families of Minnesota-Michigan-New York-Vermont-and-Maine (yep, those Delehanty-Sullivan-Kinsman-Schroeders).

   Researching & writing about this motley & loveable bunch of folks has been incredibly fun.  It's also generated an incredible amount of paperwork.  Enough!  This site is our workspace.  Like our family history project it remains very much a work in progress.

   Despite the bad jokes (mostly Tom's), at the core of what we do here lies an abiding commitment to scholarly rigor in understanding the lineaments of our ancestors' lives.  Using evidence culled from these pages, for instance, Judith E. Anderson, Ph.D. examines "Haunted Minds: The Impact of Combat Exposure on the Mental and Physical Health of Civil War Veterans" in the book Years of Change & Suffering: Modern Perspectives on Civil War Medicine (Edinborough Press, 2009).  It's a tragic story about PTSD and an abusive failed marriage in the late 1860s featuring our g-g-grandparents Nellie Kinsman and Frank Lang.  On a lighter note, we demonstrate conclusively that our dad Harry was the kid after whom Charles Schulz named the Beethoven-loving Lucy-allergic "Schroeder" in his comic strip Peanuts.  And that our great-great grandmother got her liquor from a cucumber.  And so much more.

   Fact is, here at we're dead serious about the dead.  In the spirit of an Irish wake, our goal is to celebrate & honor the memory of our ancestors & have fun doing it.

   Check it out! —

  •    A full-length book manuscript modestly titled The Awesomely Gripping Saga, written in three frenzied weeks in late 2005, the project that got this whole family history ball rolling again

  •    What began as an essay on the life & ancestry of our grandfather John Delehanty, born in 1886 among the slate quarrymen and women of West Castleton, Vermont — with special attention to his most interesting mother, the Irish immigrant washerwoman Bridget Waters — that eventually grew into another website embedded within this one:  Mike's West Castleton Journal

  •    Interpretive essays & documents on our great-great-grandmother Nellie Kinsman Lang Blow Church, from her birth in 1848 in rural southern New York to her death in 1927 in gritty 'nordeast' Minneapolis, whose ancestry we trace to before the birth of Shakespeare, and whose life entwined with all kinds of memorable characters — like her first husband, our g-g-grandfather Frank Lang, a charming but abusive German immigrant suffering PTSD from his two-plus years as a hospital attendant in the Union Army . . . and her second husband Louis Bleau dit Rossignal (Louis Blow), displaced from the Red River Valley in the Mιtis diaspora, who brought Nellie and her girls into his extended family and died a tragic early death (murdered in an ethnic-racial dispute in rural Anoka County) — a family centered on his sister Marguerite Bleau dit Rossignal (Kas-Kas-Ka-Na-Gee) and her husband Bailey T. Baldwin, a transplanted Alabaman, maybe part Cherokee, a strapping frontiersman and Union soldier who came out of the Civil War blind and disabled — an extraordinary couple who, by the bigness of their hearts and despite all their own hardships, helped Nellie and her girls, including little Jennie Lang, our great-grandmother, survive the very hard years of the 1870s

  •    And many other intriguing tales of scrappiness, love, struggle, and survival.

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US Geological Survey, 1893, UNH Dimond Library

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Rutland Herald, Sept 14, 1874.  This and other local tidbits about our great-grandmother Bridget Waters in Rutland VT offer a marvelous entree into the social and cultural history of the New York-VT slate districts in the 19th c., and valuable insights into the life & times of an intriguing character who left behind few documentary traces; see the Documents pages.


Click here to read this Aug 29, 1916 Iowa City News story about ancient pickles, and preceding it, another 'human interest' story about our great-great-grandmother Nellie Kinsman Lang Blowe marrying Charley Church, her granddaughter's husband's father - a story that for us answered a lot of questions about the last two decades of this fascinating woman's life.


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Is this Kas-Kas-Ka-Na-Gee ? ?  We think it is!  See Bailey T. Baldwin Probate page . . .

Illustration adapted from artist's rendition of Australopithicus Afarensis, 3.3 million years ago, the likely hominim ancestor of homo sapiens, Mike & Tom included (we're pretty sure); see also the extraordinary discovery recently reported by Zeresenay Alemseged, et al., 'A Juvenile Early Hominim Skeleton from Dikika, Ethiopia,' in Nature, vol. 443, 21 Sept 2006 [; link below]; illustration adapted from National Geographic,

Great-Great [x 2.1 x 105] Aunt Australopithecus

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